2018 Show Schedule

Art in Council Chambers

The Town of Los Gatos Arts & Culture Commission presents Art in the Council Chambers show from April 13th through June 5th with works from our LGAA members. The Council Chambers is downstairs in the Civic Center, 110 E. Main St.

Reception: April 26, 6:00-7:30pm

Prospectus: 2018 AICC Prospectus

Fall Members Juried Show

Juror: George Rivera

Dates: November 8 - January 8, 2018

Entry Deadline: October 1

Location: Addison-Penzak JCC

Reception: November 14, 6-8pm

Prospectus: 2018 FALL MJS Pospectus

2017 Fall Members Juried Show

November 7 - January 7
at the Addison-Penzak Jewish Community Center

2017 Fall MJS First Place Winners
(clockwise from top left)
Syd Dunton, Rocker - Iris Lian, King and Queen
Kay Duffy, Cocoa Love - Patricia Dennis, Afterglow on the Palouse
Claudia Browne, Jayla's Butterfly - Judy Welsh, Foggy Day at Pebble Beach

Show Postcard -

Recognition Awards:

1 - Syd Dunton - Rocker

Still Life
1 - Iris Lian - King and Queen

1 - Kay Duffy - Cocoa Love
h - Danielle Dufayet - So Much in Common

1 - Patricia Dennis - Afterglow on the Palouse
2 - Claudia Gray - Milky Way ala Sierra Nevada

1 - Claudia Browne - Jayla's Butterfly
2 - Danielle Dufayet - Sisterhood
3 - Michelle McCune - Better Hide
h - John Giannotti - Memories of Auntie
h - Bonnie LaRault - Charlie's Friend
h - Barbara Lancon - African Lady
h - Ran Wu - Getting Ready for the Parade

1 - Judy Welsh - Foggy Day at Pebble
2 - David Stonesifer - Cooper Garrod Winery
3 - Sam Pearson - Quiet Road to a Needed Rest
h - Maralyn Miller - Grape Arbor
h - Nancy Takaichi - Roy's Café)

Best of Show
1 - Judy Welsh - Foggy Day at Pebble

Guest Juror - Kevin Courter

Kevin Courter

Kevin Courter was born in 1964 in Palo Alto. Growing up in Northern California, he found himself drawn to the beauty and diversity of the Californian landscape. From rugged Sierra Nevada mountain ranges, the vast wetlands in the Sacramento Valley, and the majesty of the California coastline, Kevin is, first and foremost, a painter of California. However, Kevin visited Montana for the first time in the fall of 2013 and fell in love with the unique beauty found in the fertile valleys of Montana, specifically the Bitterroot Valley, Livingston, Bozeman and Paradise Valley.

A member of the Oil Painters of America, Kevin is inspired by the moody and ethereal work of contemporaries Russell Chatham, Andre Balyon and historical painters such Arthur Matthews, Maxfield Parrish, George Inness and others. His work can be found in private and public collections around the world.

2017 Greater Bay Area Open Juried Show

June 15 - August 19
at the New Museum of Los Gatos

Show Program

Recognition Awards:

(clockwise from top left)

  • Best of Show
    Clark Gussin - Block, Tackle, and Defend

  • First Place
    Corinne Landphere - Hello goodbye #3

  • Second Place
    Ellen Howard - In Harmony

  • Third Place
    Christopher Sawyer - Contemplation

  • Honorable Mention
    Rachel Tirosh - Hanging By The Thread

  • Honorable Mention
    Joan Drennan - On the Rocks, Shell Beach

  • Honorable Mention
    Laura Deem - Devalue

  • Honorable Mention
    Christine Huhn- Coyote Hills Marsh, CA. 2016

  • Honorable Mention
    Diane Warner-Wang- Atmosphere

Juror - George Rivera

Our juror is well-known and respected local artist and teacher George Rivera. Rivera received his B.A and M.A. at San Jose State University, and for 28 years he was the Executive Director and Senior Curator for the Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara. During this time he also taught art studio, art appreciation, and art history classes in many Bay Area institutions: San Jose State University, San Jose Art League, Pacific Art League, UC Berkeley Extension, DeAnza College, Triton Museum of Art School and continuously at Mission College since 1986. In 2013, he joined Mission College as Associate Faculty Instructor of Art and also teaches studio art and art appreciation at Ohlone College since 2014.

Rivera has been recognized with numerous awards, and has been listed multiple times in Who's Who of America. He is a leader in the art community, generously offering his expertise to support artists, art clubs and students with critiques and guidance. As a juror, he has participated in over 400 exhibitions in local, regional, state, national or international programs and competitions, and he will be jurying three separate shows in the Bay Area in early 2017.

A 30-year retrospective of Rivera's work was exhibited at the Art Museum of Los Gatos in 2012, and his striking artwork has been on display in many area museums and galleries. Currently he is represented by the Sandra Lee Art Gallery in San Francisco.

2016 Show Schedule

Art in Council Chambers

The Town of Los Gatos Arts & Culture Commission presents Art in the Council Chambers show from August 1st through October 27th - with 33 art works from our LGAA members.

Reception: August 18, 6-7:30pm

Fall Members Juried Show

Juror: Mike Bailey, AWS/NWS

Dates: November 8 - January 6, 2017

Entry Deadline: October 5

Location: Addison-Penzak JCC

Reception: November 13, 1-3pm

Prospectus: 2016 FALL MJS Pospectus

Postcard: 2016 FALL MJS Postcard

Press Release: 2016 FALL MJS Press Release

2015 Greater Bay Area Open Juried Show

August 1 - 30
at the New Museum of Los Gatos

Show Program

Recognition Awards:

(clockwise from top left)

  • Best of Show
    Vincent Liu - fireman and dogs

  • First Place
    Maralyn MIller - Lavender & Gold

  • Second Place
    Craig Sandborn - Deception of Independence

  • Third Place
    Carol Bower - Kami

  • Honorable Mention
    Wayne Adachi - Bangkok street Food #2

  • Honorable Mention
    Karen Olsen - French Pears

  • Honorable Mention
    David Massey - The Climb

  • Honorable Mention
    Ellen Howard- Serve them Up!

  • Honorable Mention
    Ron Dell'Aquila- Yellow on Green #3

Juror - Peggi Kroll-Roberts

Peggi Kroll-Roberts

"I know exactly what each artist has gone through and feels to produce a work. These are works that expose their personal esthetics and facilities. We are a very vulnerable bunch. So when asked to juror shows I take it to heart."

"Wishing I could allow all submissions entry into the field, I am always limited by some criteria. So I take my time. I work very hard not to impose too strongly my own esthetics and leave room and stay openminded. We all have our favorites. I review and review. And then I begin my selections. There are many things to consider."

"So, when asked to jury, I feel highly honored that a group would trust me. That is why I give it my best to consider each work and award. It was far from easy because there were so many wonderful works submitted. With this selection of wonderful art I could have used about 20 more awards!"

2014 Fall Members Juried Show

November 3 - December 6
at the Addison-Penzak Jewish Community Center

2014 Fall MJS First Place Winners/b>
(clockwise from top left)
Karen White, Telegraph Hill Geometry - Marian Gault, The Rose
Danielle Dufayet, Splendid Array - Ron Dell'Aquila, Touch Me Here, 2013
Dave Head, Moondance III

Show Postcard - Show Program

Recognition Awards:

Oil Painting
1 - Karen White - Telegraph Hill Geometry
2 - Ellen Howard - Purple Mountains
3 - Fayne McKenzie Muldoon - Yellow Sky
h - Marie Cameron - Dahlia Days
h - Rebecca Lillis White - Old Barn

Wet Media
1 - Danielle Dufayet - Splendid Array
2 - Wendell Fiock - Unbridled
3 - Jeff Chase - Boy with a White Cup
h - John Perez - Tropicana

Dry Media
1 - Marian Gault - The Rose
2 - Michael Rogan - Clothed Model
h - Deborah Matlack - Dancer

1 - Ron Dell'Aquila - Touch me Here, 2013
2 - Patricia Dennis- Autumn Road
3 - Jeffrey Janoff- Peruvian Native
h - Judy Bingman - Magnificant Hummer

3D Works
1 - Dave Head - Moondance III

Juror - Gordon Smedt

Gordon Smedt

"I was honored to be selected as the Juror for the LGAA Member Juried Show 2014.

"I am impressed with the number of artists participating and the variety of subject matter and technique. Along with the diverse works of art submitted, came a great range of experience and skill level.

"I found it difficult to find a fair and methodical way of judging this body of work given my instructions to select only a fraction of the work submitted.

"Regardless of one's experience and skill level, I believe anyone who puts in the time and effort to create art and is willing to put her/his work out for public admiration or criticism deserves to be included in the show.

"There are many artists who created more than one exceptional piece. However, due to the limited amount of work allowed in this show, only a few artists who I felt submitted the strongest work were selected to have two pieces presented."

2014 AICC Members Juried Show

August 1 - October 30
in the Town Council Chambers at the Los Gatos Town Hall

Show Postcard

2014 AICC Postcard Artists
(clockwise from top left)
Nancy Takaichi, Marte Thompson, Diane Fujimoto,
Maralyn Miller, Patty Montgomery and Rebecca Lillis White

AICC MJS Artists:

Irma Longley - Flight at Sunset
Ed Lucey - Day in the Sun?
Diane Fujimoto - The Cafe is Closed
..... and - Morning in Monterosso #2
Bonnie Sedlak - Mantilla Poppies
Thong Le - Actor
..... and - Girl with Red Hat
Carol Bower - Kami
Lisha Wang - Fisherman Wharf
Karen Bemis - Eggs for Two
Veronica Gross - Palo Alto Baylands #3
Patty Montgomery - Ano Nuevo
Wendell Flock - Conurbation
Laurie Barna - When She Was Seventeen
Judy Bingman - Violets a Brewing
Maralyn Miller - Lavender and Gold
Barbara Frederickson - Open
..... and - Recycled
Marte Thompson - Miroku
Zoya Scholis - Full Moon with Bird and Rabbit
Thuy Le - City Night
Elwira Maszara - It's great to be a Great Dane
Isaias Sandoval - Just Blue
Liz Fennell - Baylands
Marie Cameron - Marin Hills
..... and - Shark Fin Cove
Iris Lian - Rose
Vernon Dittenbir - Butterflies
Susanne Koga - Cactus Garden
..... and - Gingerbread House
Nancy Takaichi - Slough of Gold
Rebecca Lillis White - Palo Alto Wetlands

Jurors - Patricia Sherwood & Neal Boor

Neal Boor and Pat Sherwood

Known for their large abstractions in oil, Pat and Neal share extensive art credentials, exhibition histories and teaching experience (Pat at De Anza, Foothill and West Valley Colleges and Neal at San Jose and Boise State Universities).

For this exhibition, Neal and Pat selected 32 works from our over 140 member artists.

"In reviewing the remarkable works in the show we are again impressed with the quality!"

"We judged the show without looking at the names. We put stars next to the ones that we felt were outstanding! Six of these ended up on the announcement."

"All in all the show was great thanks to the talent of the artists . We thank you for the opportunity to be your judges."

- Pat Sherwood and Neal Boor

2013 Fall Members Juried Show

November 3 - 30
at the Addison-Penzak Jewish Community Center

2013 Fall First Place Winners
(counter-clockwise from top left)
Andy Ballantyne, Still-life with Copper Tea Pot - Jill Kroh, Room with a View
Jeff Chase, Portrait of Vanessa Verea - Judith Smith, Cool Shades
Fabienne Bismuth, So Pretty! - Danielle Dufayet, Sacred Geometry I

Show Program - Show Postcard - Blue Ribbon Interviews

Recognition Awards:

Oil Painting
1 - Andy Ballantyne - Still-life with Copper Tea Pot
2 - Nicole Jakaby - Sealife
3 - James Derieg - Spring Irises II
h -Deepali Kapatkar - Valley of Flowers
h -Janani Narayanan - Peeking Tulip

1 - Danielle Dufayet - Sacred Geometry I
2 - Elizabeth Parashis - After the Call
3 - June Crowe - Remembering
h - Jeff Owen - The Apartment

Wet Media
1 - Jeff Chase - Portrait of Vanessa Verea
2 - Michael Rogan - El Certo Amarillo
3 -Jan Grady - Glorius Rose
h -Bonnie Rokas - Yellow House in the Snow

Dry Media
1 -Judith Smith - Cool Shades
2 - Helen Scheel - Sun Lovers
h - Laurie Barna - The Face of Liberty

1 - Jill Kroh - Room with a View
2 -Jeffrey Janoff - Ghostly Grove
h - Wendy Toda - Sorrow

3D Works
1 - Fabienne Bismuth - So Pretty!
2 - Zoya Scholis - Mother Nature
h - Dave Head - Standing Mobile

Juror - Mark Monsarrat

Mark Monsarrat

A Renaissance Man with five college degrees and experience in engineering, business, and art, Mark sold his first painting at the age of 14.

Mark is a plein-air and studio landscape painter in the tradition of the California Impressionists, Hudson River School, Arts and Crafts, and Craftsman styles.

Describing himself as a tonal colorist, Mark is very much interested in atmosphere and atmospheric perspective, creating great depth and distance, graced by lyrical shapes and dynamic eye movement , achieving a distinct mood.

A professional artist for over twenty-five years, Monsarrat earned an MFA from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in May, 2010.

2013 Spring Members Juried Show

April 5 - April 26
in the Rose Shenson Gallery at the Triton Museum of Art

2013 Spring First Place Winners
(counter-clockwise from top right)
Hiroko Muramatsu, Marbles in the Bottle - Cheryl Myers, Cynthia
Ed Lucey, Hear The Meadowlark? - Isaias Sandoval, Symphony
Louise Kirkbride, Alpha - Laurie Barna, Liberty #89 - The Softer Side of Liberty

Show Program
Show Postcard

Recognition Awards:

Oil Painting (38 entries juried in)
1 - Ed Lucey- Hear The Meadowlark?
2 - Carole Rafferty - Western Addition
3 - Andy Ballantyne - San Juan Batista
h - Olga Kuczer - The Last Flame of the Night

Acrylic (4 entries juried in)
1 -Isaias Sandoval - Symphony
h - Ligwoan Ray - Shadow of Autumn

Wet Media (15 entries juried in)
1 - Laurie Barna - Liberty #89 - The Softer Side of Liberty
2 - Sayeko Nakamura - Out of Service
3 - Kay Duffy - Below Denali
h - Jane Ferguson - Funky Floral

Dry Media (12 entries juried in)
1 - Cheryl Myers - Cynthia
2 - Michael Rogan - Trust Me
h - Kee Jin - Interiors

Photography (10 entries juried in)
1 - Hiroko Muramatsu - Marbles in the Bottle
2 - Thomas Ewing - Sunrise
h - Scott Holtslander - Santa Clara Valley #3

3D Sculpture (5 entries juried in)
1 - Louise Kirkbride - Alpha
h - Jeff Owen - Construct #1

Juror - Mike Bailey

Mike is an adventurous, bold soul and it shows in the way he applies his painting skills. He is never satisfied with the superficial. Always reaching for excellence, he is one who must exhaust all avenues of learning, in order to enlarge his understanding and expand his abilities. Mike Bailey photo

Mike's nature is to make everything fun and keep the processes exciting, yet challenging. He spends some 15 to 20 weeks per year instructing groups from beginners to advanced painters.  In addition, almost annually, he leads painting groups to exciting European painting retreat destinations.

Mike is an award-winning Signature member of the National Watercolor Society, is featured in art magazines and books, and conducts annual European painting workshops.

His paintings are held in private and corporate collections in the US, Europe and Australia.

2012 Fall Members Juried Show

November 4 - December 2
at the Addison-Penzak Jewish Community Center

Fall 2012 First Place Winners
(clockwise from top left)
Carole Rafferty, Coca-Cola! - Ron Dell'Aquila, Shop Girl 2, Taipei, Taiwan
Judith Smith, The Little Gardner - Julia Cline, The View from Merlefest
Ingrid Marianne, S. Cowgirl - June Crowe, Coming to America

Show Program
Show Poster
Reception Movie

Recognition Awards:

Oil Painting
1 - Carole Rafferty- Coca-Cola!
2 - Deborah Matlack - Yellow Rose
3 - David Stonesifer - Baylands Trail
h - Joan Drennan - The Knotter

1 - June Crowe - Coming to America
2 - Danielle Dufayet - Arizona
3 - Wendell Fiock - No Parking
h - Patty Montgomery - Conversation

Wet Media
1 - Julia Cline- The View from Merlefest
2 - Bonnie Rokas - Cabin in the Snow
3 - June Crowe - Lover's Point
h - Grace Tang - Skyline

Dry Media
1 - Judith Smith- The LIttle Gardner
2 - Maralyn Miller - Morning Hike
h - Deborah Matlack - Scholar's Pastime

1 - Ron Dell'Aquila - Shop Girl 2, Taipei, Taiwan
2 -Jeffrey Janoff - Tufas at Mono Lake
3 - Peggy Hansen - Gatehouse
h - Richard Gaskill - Mount Ansel Adams

3D Works
1 - Ingrid Marianne- S. Cowgirl
2 - Richard Lipes - Mutual Support
h - Richard Lipes - Enneper's Unfolding

Juror - John Agg

John Agg photo

John has been a member of the Board of the Museums of Los Gatos for twelve years, and one year ago assumed the position of Executive Director.

John grew up in an environment of culture and the arts, but began his professional career as a Chartered Accountant in the City of London. He soon realized that his true calling was not in the accounting profession.

A trip to the United States resulted in a new career in the high tech industry, and a succession of executive positions with Intel, Pitney Bowes, and Dictaphone.

In 1995, he opened a series of art galleries in the Peninsula and South Bay. Zyt Gallery in Los Altos, the flagship location, was 7,000 square feet of gallery, production, framing and conservation services.

2012 Spring Members Juried Show

March 31 - April 28
in the Rose Shenson Gallery at the Triton Museum of Art

2012 First Place Winners
(clockwise from top left)
Brigitte Curt, Walls of the Ancient Cities - Will Maller, Davenport Friends
June Crowe, Almaden Quicksilver Park - Ron Dell'Aquila, I am One with the Trees

Show Program
Show Postcard
Blue Ribbon Interviews

Recognition Awards:

Oil Painting
1 - Brigitte Curt- Walls of the Ancient Cities
2 - Andrew Ballantyne - 4 Sisters, Moss Landing
3 - Karen White - Tea and Roses
h - Lesley Underwood - Flower Power
h - Rebecca Lillis White - White Reflection

Wet Media
1 - Will Maller - Davenport Friends
2 - Diane Fujimoto - Old Rusty
3 - Bonnie Rokas - Mother Maggie's Cold Drink
h - Brian G. Johnson - Rough Seas
h - Nancy Wulff - Fiesta

Dry Media & Acrylic
1 - June Crowe - Almaden Quicksilver Park
2 - Sayeko Nakamura - Ancient Ship
h - Miyuki Earle - Rainy Day in Manhatten

Photography & 3D Sculpture
1 - Ron Dell'Aquila - I am One with the Trees
2 - Jeff Owen - White Space
h - Danielle Fafchamps - Figure 2011 #1

Selection Juror - Claire Schroeven Verbiest

Claire is an award-winning artist and a signature member of several art societies. Claire is considered one of the finest watercolor and pastel artists in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Well known for her lively, crisp and truthful depictions of people, landscapes, flowers and objects and for her distinctive use of color, Claire conducts watercolor and pastel painting workshops and frequently serves as a juror for local and international art shows.

Awards Juror - Preston Metcalf

Preston is presently the Art Curator at the Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara. He began his career as Curator of Art at the San Jose Museum of Art, moved to the Triton as Curator of Education and then as its Assistant Director. He left the Triton for the Executive Directorship of the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art before returning to his current position.

Preston also teaches Art History at the Triton, Mission College, and San Jose City College. He has lectured throughout this country, as well as abroad, and has had more than sixty articles and essays on artists and art history published.

2011 Members Juried Show

November 3 - December 4 at the Addison-Penzak Jewish Community Center

2011 First Place Winners
(clockwise from top left)
Carole Rafferty, Bay Bridge - Will Maller, Steven's Creek
John Eaton, Winchester, North Aisle - Belinda Lima, Portrait of a Ballerina
Danielle Fafchamps, Memory #2 - Judith Smith, Calla Lily

Show Program
Show Postcard
Blue Ribbon Interviews

Recognition Awards:

Oil Painting
1 - Carole Rafferty - Bay Bridge
2 - Brigitte Curt - On the High Plateau
3 - Maralyn Miller - Foggy Eucs
h - Andrew Ballantyne - Quail Hallow Ranch
h - Mei-Ying Dell'Aquila - Man of Granite
h - Will Maller - Boat Yard Finish Line
h - Linda Smythe - Gams

1 - Belinda Lima - Portrait of a Ballerina
2 - Sayeko Nakamura - Love Letter

Wet Media
1 - Will Maller - Steven's Creek
2 - Carolina Mueller - Symbolica (find the 36 symbols)
3 - Susan Babbel - Gigi
h - Veronica Gross - First Snow on Rocks

Dry Media
1 - Judith Smith - Calla Lily
2 - Teresa Ruzzo - Big Sur
3 - Deborah Matlack - Mandy

1 - John Eaton - Winchester, North Aisle
2 - Ron Del'Aquila - Pastel Diners; Spirits
3 - Jon G Lutter - Beach Cliffs of Encinitas

3D Works
1 - Danielle Fafchamps - Memory #2

Guest Juror - Kim Lordier

Kim Lordier photo

Native to the San Francisco Bay Area and a graduate of the Academy of Art University, San Francisco CA, Kim Lordier combines keen observation and sensitivity to her award winning landscapes.

"There is nothing like the inner peace that comes from working from life, exploring the way the sun can transform an ordinary object into something stunning. I want you to see the beauty in what we pass by everyday, and acknowledge the importance of open space in our lives."

Inspired by the turn of the century California Impressionists and Tonalists, Kim paints in the plein air tradition. Fascinated with California's unique atmospheric qualities, Kim strives to capture the beauty, depth and energy of the land and sea. She is currently a Signature member of the Laguna Plein Air Painters, the Pastel Society of America, a Distinguished Pastelist in the Pastel Society of the West Coast, and Artist Member of the California Art Club.

2010 Members Juried Show

November 4 - December 2 at the Art Museum of Los Gatos

2010 First Place Winners
(clockwise from top left)
Kerrie Brandau, Dwight - Lance Glasser, First Assent
Roosevelt Bynum, Pismo Beach Pier at Night - June Crowe, Tasting Napa Reds
Raja Guha Thakurta, The Young Monk - Jane Ferguson, Fantasy Mare

Show Program
Show Postcard
Blue Ribbon Interviews

Recognition Awards:

1 - Kerrie Brandau - Dwight
2 - Mei-Ying Dell'Aquila - A Great Race
3 - Ed Lucey - Foggy Eucs
h - Cynthia Riordan - Deliberation

Wet Media
1 - Jane Ferguson - Fantasy Mare
2 - Carolyn Larsen - On the Edge of Possibilities
3 - Nancy DeWeese - Miss "A"

Dry Media
1 - Raja Guha Thakurta - The Young Monk
2 - Deborah Matlack - Taking the Sun
3 - Mary Ann Henderson - Giulia
h - Terri Ford - Mystic Cliffs

Mixed Media or Printmaking
1 - June Crowe - Tasting Napa Reds
2 - Amanda Danitscheck - Capacitor
3 - Belinda Lima - Hacienda Window
h - Jon G. Lutter - Snow Birds

1 - Roosevelt Bynum - Pismo Beach Pier at Night
2 - Hiroko Muramatsu - Skate Wing Rock Under Ominous Clouds
3 - Saelon Renkes - Rose Stamens

3D Works
1 - Lance Glasser - First Assent
2 - Danielle Fafchamps - House Spirit #1
3 - Jeff Owen - Geisha

Juror - Jeff Bramschreiber

Currently a Board Trustee and Pastel Instructor at the Triton Museum of Art, Community Arts Liaison and Assistant Manager for University Art Center of San Jose, Treasurer and Board Trustee for Silicon Valley Open Studios, and Lecturer / Workshop Artist in Egyptian Art for the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum.

Whether he's painting a landscape, a still life, a portrait, paper batik, or a wildlife piece, the love for what Jeff Bramschreiber is painting is clearly evident. While he specializes in pastel painting, he has command of several other mediums including watercolor, acrylic, oil, pen and ink, pencil, charcoal and airbrush! Whatever the medium, Jeff communicates with rich mixtures of believable colors and thorough knowledge of his subject to create a realistic third dimension, and an emotional atmosphere in his artwork.

Mr. Bramschreiber has been painting for nearly thirty years, has won numerous awards for his work, and his paintings hang in several private collections throughout the United States. Jeff has also donated his work and his time to various private organizations, arts organizations, schools and museums, in support of their educational programs and fundraisers.

2010 Open Juried Show

March 25 - April 23 at the Art Museum of Los Gatos

2010 OJS Winners
(clockwise from top left)
Diana Leone, End of the Season - Lee Grossman, Amtrack Passengers
Andrew Ballantyne, San Jose Historical Park - Barbara Pence, Ginger
Cuong Nguyen, Sailing Dream - Jenifer Renzel, Neptune
Gary Marsh, White Pearls of Wisdom - Amanda Danitschek, Reflex
Diana Leone, The Tiffany is In

Special Awards key
B - Bill Cunningham Award
C - Curator Award
L - Los Gatan Award

Show Program
Show Postcard
Blue Ribbon Interviews

Selection Jurors

Marcia Burtt
Plein Air Artist from Santa Barbara

Katherine Levin-Lau
Figure Oil Painter

David Middlebrook

2010 OJS Recognition Awards:

1 - Andrew Ballantyne - San Jose Historical Park
2 - Kevin Kasik - Warming Morning
3 - Sandra Smith-Dugan - Diversity
h - Ed Lucey - La Gunitas Market
h - Linda Roth - Afternoon on the Cosumnes River

Figure/Portrait & Animal
1 - Cuong Nguyen - Sailing Dream
2 - Ursula O'Farrell - Exuberance
3 - Claire Schroeven Verbiest - Pause
h - Susan Reith - Nude on Red Kimono
L - Barbara Pence - Ginger

Still Life/Floral
1 - Diana Leone - End of The Season
2 - Jennifer Kretschmer - Pink Roses
3 - Maria Boisvert - Lemon Tree and Grapes
h - Cuong Nguyen - Chinese Vase

1 -Diana Leone - The Tiffany is In
2 - David S Rose - Move to Form: The Flowering Fish
3 - Lorraine Lawson - Black Magic
h -Karen Mumford - With Thoughts of Vincent Van Gogh

1 - Amanda Danitschek - Reflex
2 - Donna Orme - Yin and Yang
3 - Karen LaRoche - Contemplation

1 - Lee Grossman - Amtrak Passengers
2 - Paul Indman - Ice Cave, Antarctica
3 - Hiroko Muramatsu - Rain Clouds Over Castle Valley
h - Lee Grossman - 3rd and Mandela
h - Rex Naden - Airflow

3D Works
1/B - Gary Marsh - White Pearls of Wisdom
2 - Anna Martin - Which Way Out?
3 - Danielle Fafchamps - #144
h/C -Jenifer Renzel - Neptune

Juror - Paul Kratter

Paul Kratter photo

Plein Air Artist and workshop instructor from Moraga, CA. Paul was born in San Francisco and raised on the Peninsula. After receiving a degree in Graphic Arts from the College of San Mateo, he achieved a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration from Art Center of Design in Pasadena.

In 2002 he became interested in the immediacy and spontaneity of the Plein Air approach and started painting in the East Bay Hills near his home.

2009 Members Juried Show

October 22 - December 4 at the Art Museum of Los Gatos

2009 MJS First Place Winners
(clockwise from top center)
Deborah Matlack, Thirteen - Janet Wolf, Halong Bay
David Stonesifer, July Morning, Canada Road - Jeff Owen, The Opera Singer
Donna Orme, In the Works - June Crowe, Hiking the Stanislaus

Show Program
Blue Ribbon Interviews

Recognition Awards:

1 - David Stonesifer - July Morning, Canada Road
2 - Lou Bermingham - Gravitas
3 - Raja Guha Thakurta - A Life of Indentured Service
h - Dickman Bierly - Thoughts
h - Joan Harvey - Going Home
h - Sandra Jones - "Above and Beyond"
h - Will Maller - Gold Country Sundown
h - Deborah Matlack - Potter 'n' Punkins
h - Susan Migliore - Afternoon Winds
h - Thalia Stratton - Waiter at Work
h - Ron White - Bucks Landing

Wet Media
1 - June Crowe - Hiking the Stanislaus
2 - Terri Hill - Celebratory Ride
3 - Nina Uppaluru - Toward the Light
h - Kay Duffy - Sunny Sunflowers
h - Carolyn Larsen - Goose Parade
h - Laura Vavrunek - Drum Majorette

Dry Media
1 - Deborah Matlack - Thirteen
2 - Mary Ann Henderson - The Fence
3 - C.J. Myers - "What'll you have?"
h - Sheila Winner - Utah

Mixed Media or Printmaking
1 - Donna Orme - In the Works
2 - Rajani Balaram - "City by Night"
3 - Amanda Danitschek - "Vertigo"
h - Mark Woolbright - Broken Shell Uncoiled

1 - Janet Wolf - Halong Bay
2 - Scott Lefferts - Cedar Breaks Under Snow 2, 2008
h - Roosevelt Bynum - Bodie House

3-D Sculpture
1 - Jeff Owen - The Opera Singer
2 - Mark Danitschek - Waiting
3 - Kenneth Johnson - "The Passage"
h - Eugene Impey - "The Wind Knows"
h - Joyce Steinfeld - After - With Hebrew Word Family

Juror -Preston Metcalf

Preston Metcalf photo

Preston Metcalf is presently the Art Curator at the Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara.

He began his career as Curator of Art at the San Jose Museum of Art, moved to the Triton as Curator of Education and then as its Assistant Director.

He left the Triton for the Executive Directorship of the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art before returning to his current position.

Preston also teaches Art History at the Triton, Mission College, and San Jose City College. He has lectured throughout this country, as well as abroad, and has had more than sixty articles and essays on artists and art history published.

2009 Open Juried Show

April 2 - May 1 at the Art Museum of Los Gatos

2009 First Place Winners
Tom Bullock, Waves of Stone - Claire Schroeven Verbiest, Amtrack Passengers
Terri Hill, Happy Hour - Cheryl Kampe,The Wave - Gloria Huet,Anemochory I
Carole Rafferty, Belgravia: Early Morning Light - Julia Feld, If I Only Can Reach That Door

2009 Special Award Winners
Fred Yokel, The Build - Bill Cunningham Award
Thalia Stratton, Early Morning Pacific Heights - Curator Award
Marsha Heimbecker, Peonies - Los Gatan Award

Special Awards key
B - Bill Cunningham Award
C - Curator Award
L - Los Gatan Award

Show Program
Show Postcard

Recognition Awards:

1 - Carole Rafferty - Belgravia: Early Morning Light
2 - Will Maller - Morning Shadows
3 - Thalia Stratton - Pacific Heights
C - Thalia Stratton - Early Morning Pacific Heights
h - Andrew Ballantyne - Red Flatbed Truck
h - Marilyn Dorsa - Storm's Coming
h - Lyn Garadis - Bass Harbor Lighthouse, Maine
h - Robert Grady - Iguazu Falls, Brazil/Argentina
h - Hitoshi Kotani - A Road in Cupertino
h - Susan Migliore - Coastal Lagoon
h - Karen White - Central Valley Farms

Figure/Portrait & Animal
1 - Claire Schroeven Verbiest - Denim Nation
2 - Sheila Winner - The Candidates
3 - Kate Stewart - Asleep
h - Jo Ariko - Morning at the Met
h - Kim Newell - Holding On
h - Deborah Matlack - Rupa
h - Jaya King - Artiste Du Ciel

Still Life/Floral
1 - Terri Hill - Happy Hour
2 - Chris Dok - Peaches and Sunflowers
3 - Diana Leone - The Feast
h - David Stonesifer - Still Life with Fruit
h - Lyn Garadis - Sunflowers
L - Marsha Heimbecker - Peonies

1 - Cheryl Kampe - The Wave
2 - Ursula O'Farrell - Serendipity
3 - June Crowe - Central Park
h - Jane Ferguson - Escape
h - Laura Varich - Clearing

1 - Gloria Huet - Anemochory I
2 - Mark Woolbright - Lightning Whelk
3 - Diane Roberts - Red, Black, White

1 - Tom Bullock - Waves of Stone
2 - Larry Martin - You are Next, Buddy
3 - Donna Orme - Life in the Bean
h - Aaron Blumenshine - Embedded
h - Diane Kreiter - Sicilian Guard Dog

3D Works
1 - Julia Feld - If I Only Can Reach That Door
2 - Eugene Impey - What it is? Liz
3 - Terry Kreiter - A Brief History
B - Fred Yokel - The Build
h - James Cabral - Fitler Series #3
h - Kenneth Johnson - Serenity

Selection Jurors

David Ogle
Plein Air Artist from Santa Barbara

Dale Laitinen
Figure Oil Painter

Kenney Mencher

Awards Juror - Randall Sexton

Primarily known for his bold and colorful plein air paintings of Northern California, Sexton also enjoys working in the studio as well. The direct and spontaneous nature of plein air painting has informed all of his painting subjects, be it still-life, figurative, or studio work based on field studies and travels.

2008 Members Juried Show

October 30 - December 4 at the Art Museum of Los Gatos

2008 MJS First Place Winners
(clockwise from top left)
Laura Vavrunek, Setting Up - Deborah Matlack, Jelly Bean Dreams
Kevin Kasik, Work - Nancy Hines, The Children
Jeff Owen, Vein - Jack Quattlebaum, Kutkh

Show Program
Blue Ribbon Interviews

Recognition Awards:

1 - Kevin Kasik - Work
2 - Maralyn Miller - California Panoramic
3 - Genway Gao - Annie
h - William Alkire - The Lock
h - Michael Baggett - Los Gatos Meadow Trail
h - Mike Eros - Spring Morning
h - Elena Mosko - Clos La Chance

Wet Media
1 - Laura Vavrunek - Setting Up
2 - Terry Hill - Cruz 'n Crusin'
3 - Susan Babbel - Chloe
h - Bob Newick - Sam and the Chief's Car
h - Julia Watson - Still Life with Oranges
h - Audrey L. Wright - Alone with my Thoughts

Dry Media
1 - Deborah Matlack - Jelly Bean Dreams
2 - Wendell Flock - Women Gathering
3 - Rajani Balaram - The Bamboo Flute
h - Jacqueline Gittens - Gracie's Ride
h - Maralyn Miller - A Storm Approaching
h - Mary K. Stahl - Stormy

Mixed Media or Printmaking
1 - Nancy Hines - The Children
2 - John Eichiner - Golden Lotus
3 - Yoju Deiwert - Three Cows in Rockies
h - K. Druker - Uphevals V
h - Kay Duffy - Observe the Time
h - Donna Orme - Play It Again

1 - Jack Quattlebaum - Kutkh
2 - Janet Wolf - Rice Field - Vietnam
3 - Janet Wolf - Life on the Tracks - Vietnam

3-D Sculpture
1 - Jeff Owen - Vein
h - Mark Danitschek - Brazil
h - Stephanie Tumney - Promised Land 1

Juror -Susan Hillhouse

Susan Hillhouse photo

Susan Hillhouse is the Curator of Exhibitions and Collections for the Museum of Art & History at The McPherson Center in Santa Cruz, California. She has been in the art and museum field for over twenty years.. Prior to the MAH, Hillhouse served as Chief Curator for the Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara, California. She has had over 30 essays published, and has been a guest curator, guest lecturer, and a juror and judge of numerous exhibitions and competitions.

Hillhouse has an MA in Museum Studies, with an emphasis on Curatorial Issues, from San Francisco State University and a BA in Art History from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

In addition to her museum work, Hillhouse teaches Western and Eastern Art History survey classes at West Valley College in Saratoga, California. She is a member of ArtTable and is on the Advisory Board of the Sanchez Art Center.

2008 Open Juried Show

April 3 - May 2 at the Art Museum of Los Gatos

2008 First Place Winners
Cray Foley, Pescadero Beach - Tonya Carpenter, 287 Friday
Terri Hill, Tuscan Tour: Day 3 - Sayeko Nakamura,2008 - Amanda Danitschek,Tightrope
Dennis & Wendy Heinz, Innocence - Kenneth Johnson, Bye Bye Black Bird

Show Program
Show Postcard

Recognition Awards:

1 - Cray Foley - Pescadero Beach
2 - Rebecca Fogg - Inflow
3 - Siddharth Parasnis - Blue House on Mountains
h - Ed Lucey - Homestead
h - David Stonesifer - January, Baylands Palo Alto
h - Claire Schroeven Verbiest - Paradise
h - Claire Schroeven Verbiest - Harbor Rhythms
h - Tonya Zenin - Fading Light in Provence

1 - Tonya Carpenter - 287 Friday
2 - Aldo Lira - Strange Gifts I
3 - Sheila Winner - TIME
h - Tonya Carpenter - 285 Monday
h - Florence Gray - Nike
h - Jaya King - Speak-Easy
h - Catherine Politopoulos - Canes Venatici
h - Lingshan Su - East Meet West

Still Life
1 - Terri Hill - Tuscan Tour: Day 3
2 - Judy Welsh - Abundance
3 - Bobbie Wood - Watch Out
h - Andrew D. Ballantyne - Green on Green
h - Zilu Hernoult - Iris
h - May Shei - Moment of Yu-Nan

1 - Sayeko Nakamura - 2008
2 - Barbara Downs - Nature Crown
3 - Will Maller - Journey #1
h - K. Druker - Abstract - Series II
h - Elise Zentner - Driving Images

1 - Amanda Danitschek - Tightrope
h - Amanda Danitschek - End of Day IV
h - Rozanne Hermelyn DiSilvestro - Angora Fire
h - Donna Orme - Spiral

1 - Dennis & Wendy Heinz - Innocence
2 - Diane Kreiter - Steel Fabricator #5
h - Shannon Amidon - Dragonfly
h - Diane Kreiter - Steel Fabricator #2

1 - Kenneth Johnson - Bye Bye Black Bird
2 - Harry Motro - Rescue
3 - Anna Martin - Box #2
h - Patricia Kvek - La Bailaorsa Macrabra
h - Jeff Owen - Roadside Attractions

Juror - George Rivera

George Rivera, M.A., is an art administrator, curator, educator, juror of art and artist. He has worked in numerous capacities at the Triton Museum of Art since 1965 and is the Executive Director & Senior Curator.

As a juror of art, Rivera has served as a solo juror or as a member of a panel of jurors for over 375 exhibitions and competitions of local, regional, statewide, national and international art programs, projects, fellowships, artists-in residency programs and juried competitions.

2007 Members Juried Show

October 25 - November 30 at the Art Museum of Los Gatos

2007 MJS First Place Winners
(clockwise from top left)
Sophie Aix, Paris to the Moon - Mary Ann Henderson, Cloudscape
Seth Foley, The Art Studio - Cheryl Kampe, 129 1/2
Xuan My Ho, Alicia - Susan Babbel, Lilia is Very Happy!

Show Program

Recognition Awards:

1 - Susan Babbel - Lilia is Very Happy!
2 - Sung-Hee Kim - Tracel
3 - Sophie Aix - Munich Earthquake 1911,
Homage to Blaue Reiter

Water Media
1 - Cheryl Kampe - 129 1/2
2 - Susan Babbel - Lizette is Remembering
3 - Judi Snyder - Graffiti Francais

Dry Media
1 - Mary Ann Henderson - Cloudscape
2 - Sheila Winner - Maudie's Helper

1 - Xuan My Ho - Alicia

Printmaking/Mixed Media
1 - Sophie Aix - Paris to the Moon

1 - Seth Foley - The Art Studio
H - Peggy Hansen - Route 1 South

Juror - Jerry Ross Barrish

Jerry Ross Barrish photo

Jerry Ross Barrish has served as volunteer Artistic Director of Sanchez Art Center since his appointment to the position by the board in 2004.

Receiving both BFA and MFA degrees, Barrish attended San Francisco Art Institute from 1971 to 1976, studying sculpture and film. Filmmaking was his main focus for the next 15 years, while he completed three feature-length narrative films.

Barrish became involved with art at the community level when he received an appointment to City of Pacifica's Cultural Arts Commission in 2002 and was elected to his first of two consecutive terms as President of Art Guild of Pacifica in 2003.

Barrish is a supporting member of San Francisco Film Arts Foundation, Pacific Rim Sculptors Group, and is a professional level member of International Sculpture Center.